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For you to enjoy

Postby Prashant Shaurya » Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I am glad to be here, more so because I can see many a familiar names and faces. It would be a great fun to write at a place where we can have certain regulations regarding conduct.

Something about myself:

I am Prashant Shaurya and I hail from a small village in the eastern state of Bihar in India. My love for poetry started at a young age when I was at school, but I started writing much later when I was in college. Its like a stress buster to me, a way to bring out the better side of me.

Life hasn't been a roller coaster ride so far but on each twist and turn I have seen something inspiring. So, as life goes on I just keep on picking things that make me feel closer to them. These things can be the sight of dancing trees, the sound of flowing rivers or even something mundane which seems different on a particular day. Seas and Oceans inspire me. The waves are my muse most of the time. The complexities of human emotions intrigue me all the time.
I'm a banker by profession and a poet by passion. Welcome to my world of poetry.

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