Happy to be here...

Welcome to the forum, this section is for new members to say hello.
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Happy to be here...

Postby ken.brandli » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:52 am

Heartfelt thanks to Stella for the invitation of membership. I appreciate the vote of confidence.
By way of introduction, I should say that I am a great lover of nature and draw a lot of my inspiration from that. I tend to specialize in Japanese short form poetry; Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and Haibun, My apologies now if there are any members who don't like the form. It seems an easy form but it can be very challenging to bring the moment to a reader within a disciplined structure and so few words. That is what I like about the form. I occasionally branch out into other forms and prose, as the mood grabs me. Have been in a state of writer's block and lack of motivation for some months now so I will start contributing some of my favourite oldies. Apologies to any old PF members who have already seen these works. I hope in due course that I can start writing again. I am looking to contributing to a forum that respects contributors and has high standards. Lastly, PLEASE, if you want to comment on one of my poems do NOT feel restricted to bland compliments. I crave constructive critiques as I want to learn and grow so go for it! I am genuinely looking forward to 'meeting' members of this site. Let the poetry begin!!

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